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Get a $10 Gazelle discount

Jessica is sharing her link to get you a $10 discount on your purchase a Gazelle (she also gets $10 if you use it). Use her link below to get yourself either a $10 Gazelle Discount off your purchase of a phone, tablet, computer, or whatever they sell OR get an extra $10  when you sell you device to them.

Gazelle Discount Link

What we think of the Gazelle Discount Link:

I have used Gazelle for several years now.  It started when I dropped my brand new Iphone 6 plus about a month after having the screen replaced. Note I said about a month after having the screen replaced not after buying it. Phones are ridiculously expensive so any kind of savings is a must. To give them credit though we are literally walking around with more technology than Apollo in our pockets. Until I found Gazelle I purchased all of my phones through my provider (mine is AT&T you can use my discount for them here). That was cool back when they would give you the phone for free.  Well they don’t be doing that no more so I don’t be buying phones from them no more.  I did it once on the aforementioned Iphone 6 plus and had to repair it twice before it was too far along to be repaired.  I found Gazelle and never went back. I even sold them my broken phone and got like $70 for it.  That is crazy because this thing was crazy broke liek had the glass peeling off it broke.  I even opened it to try and fix the home button and snapped one of the tiny wires in half braking it even worse and they still gave me money for it. So yes I recommend using Jessica’s Gazelle discount link. Get you both $10!