About the Referral

2 Free Round Trip Flights

Kevin is sharing his Southwest Card referral that gets you enough points for 2 round trip flights and him 5,000 points. Just click on his referral link below, follow their directions, and sign up to get your free flights.

Kevin’s Southwest Referral

Here is what Chase Says About the Deal:

“Apply for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card and get ready to get away. You’ll earn 50,000 bonus points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in your first 3 months of opening your account – as of October 01, 2014, currently enough for 2 average roundtrip fares when redeemed for Southwest’s Wanna Get Away Fares. Some roundtrip flights are not available for 25,000 points. This bonus offer is available to you as long as you have not received a new cardmember bonus for this product in the past twenty four months. $99 annual fee applied to your first billing statement. You’ll also receive 6,000 bonus points after your Cardmember Anniversary. Start planning your trip to one of the 85+ destinations Southwest Airlines serves.”

What do We Think of the Referral:

Free airfare is pretty good no matter how you look at it, 2 free flights is even better, and 2 round trip flights are freaking awesome. I have flown on Southwest several times in the past and they really are a great airline to fly with.  Their planes are safe, the staff is nice, and they have really good rates. So a card that gets me a bunch of free flights on Southwest is pretty cool. That being said there are some drawbacks to this deal. First of all Chase is not the greatest company in the world.  They are not crooks or anything but they just suck (although that is true for pretty much every credit card company). Second of all there is an annual fee. $99 for permission to use a credit card, get out of here! Although that is better than the American Express Platinum’s $450. If it weren’t for the annual fee I would say this is a no brainer but with the annual fee I would have to think about it. Not saying it isn’t a good deal I would just make sure it fit with my credit card plan.  Hell maybe you can get them to waive it. But as always on sharethebonus we are not trying to get you to use a certain card we are just trying to make sure you and someone else make a few extra bucks when you sign up for a card. Chase is going to make their money so why not get 2 free round trip flight out of them.