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$1000 Tesla Discount

Jason is sharing his Tesla owner’s referral with everyone. Use it and get a cool $1000 discount. All he gets is a lousy jacket but apparently he is cool with that. Just use this link:

 Tesla Referral Link

What we think of the tesla referral?

I am a tesla nut. The other day I got to sit in one in the mall and it was pretty cool although I will say not I am going to tell my grandkids about it cool.  What also dampened the experience a bit was the fact that the sales guy took down all my info and now I get repeated emails and calls from him.  It was a small price to pay for being able to experience the car but I would think I should have been able to drive it considering all the call I have gotten.  Hell I basically ignored the guy the whole time I was checking out the car an I mean rude ignoring not just polite inattentiveness. What makes it worse is that he leaves a voicemail talking about the “great conversation we had about a new Tesla”. Sorry your conversations must suck.  Regardless this is a great way to save some cash on your new electric car. Besides you are going to need it.  When you click through Jason’s link it lets you build your own car and add all these crazy features like a freaking tow package. A tow package on an electric car! Mind blown.

I was going to write a long post about how great Tesla is but it has been done. If you ever had any reason to doubt that Tesla’s were awesome just read this post from waitbutwhy.com

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