There are a lot of choices out there in the clothes resale market today. From going traditional consignment stores and brick and mortar retailers like Plato’s Closet to selling online through eBay and specialty websites. So where can you get the most money for your old clothes? Lets take a look at some of the more prevalent options.

ThedUp The folks at ThredUp say that they pay “up to 80% of the resale value”.  I don’t know about you but from what  I can figure “up to 80%” includes 1%. i.e. not a lot of money. Just to drive this home, if they pay 30% they are taking a 70% commission. One of the things that separates ThedUp in my mind is their professionalism. They have a freaking annual report on the site listing data about the state of resales. It has some pretty good info. For example, in 2014  people made $3.2 million sellers their old clothes on  That is crazy! You can make big money selling you clothes online.They also have a pretty cool calculator on the site that allows you to better determine what you could get for your clothes before you mail them in. That alone can give you an idea as to if it is even worth it.

Vinted  The biggest sell for Vinted is the fact that you keep the clothes in your house while you are selling them. Yes you can do this on Ebay too but the other plus about Vinted and the other specialty clothes retailers is that you have a motivated and interested customer base looking at your clothes.  It doesn’t matter to me that ebay has millions of people a day on their site. Half of them are looking for used twilight videos and the other half are pricing cheap printers. Listing your clothes with a site that is specifically tailored to women buying used clothes is a definite plus. Besides who is to say you can’t list on both. Unlike some of the other sites Vinted kind of leaves it up to you as for what you should charge. Vinted charges a 19% commission off of whatever you end up making.

eBay This one wasn’t so obvious of a choice at first.  While everyone thinks of selling their grandmas old curios on Ebay selling your own used clothes does not automatically come to mind (or at least it didn’t for me).  There are two main problems with selling on eBay. The first is the sheer number of people going on Ebay. As I mentioned earlier this will kill your sales success. While this may seem counterintuitive, the fact that 64 million people visit eBay a day doesn’t matter when they 99.99% of them aren’t looking for your used jean jacket. You clothes easily get lost in the millions of items listed for sale on the site. The second point is the competition on eBay. You are not just competing against other girls trying to sell last years styles.  You are competing against some of the clothing companies themselves. Lots of retailers also list their clothes on eBay and even offer discounts and coupon codes with them.  You can’t compete with that. As for fees eBay charges 10% + PayPal fee of 2.9% + a listing fee (0% for clothes though) so 12.9%. That makes them the cheapest place to sell your clothes but not necessarily the best.

Plato’s Closet I wanted to put an example of a brick and mortar consignment style store on here for comparison. Plato’s Closet doesn’t charge you a fee to sell your clothes they just buy your stuff. They pick the good stuff and pay you bottom dollar for it. I mean think about it they claim to offer 70% sales price for their clothes that means they have to pay you less than 70% of the value of your clothes. On a positive note you can often opt for store credit and get a little bit more money.

So there you have it. For my money I say go with Vinted. They seem like the easiest and do not charge crazy commissions like some of the other sites. If you know of any better sites let us know below or even better have a referral code for them share them here.