Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without annoying TV commercials?  Or maybe you have wondered why you have to pay nearly as much as you do for your car note on a monthly basis?  Well, several years ago a decided to discontinue my cable while switching apartments to see what it would be like.  Well let me say that the move has saved me a stack of money and time.  I literally get annoyed when I visit my friends’ homes to watch TV.  I am no longer accustomed to watching mindless commercials or having to wait until reruns to catch up on the entire season of a newly found “favorite” show. 
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With Amazon streaming videos I have been spoiled… no commercials and the ability to binge watch my favorite newly discovered shows.  No sports… well there are ways around that.  One example is the one time purchase of an HD antenna which can pick up public television and a number of sports events (i.e NFL, NBA, baseball, college football, etc.).  There are a number of options but when I did my initial research I chose Amazon Prime (see cost for prime as well as rebate @ http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info for students or check out the referral bonus for non students at here for non-students) augmented with a rather cheap HD antenna.  If you would like to save some money as well as a lot of lost time on commercials, toss the cable and go online.  Watch movies and shows on your laptop or connect up to your flat screen TV…. Amazon prime only costs $99 a year plus any purchases you make.  Compare that to your cable bill.  The savings will add up.  Happy saving.