How will I get my money?

It depends on the referral.  Some of the companies give everybody a credit. For example, Dish gives you $5 over 10 months. Some of them give you a gift card, some do balance transfers, it is all over the map.  The point is you should check with the company before you sign up.  It is usually pretty plainly written in on the website.  The main thing is that if it is a legit company you will get your money some time and that is better than not getting it. We always say that people should not use a product or service because they found it on they should use to sign up for a product or service that they were planning on using anyway.

How long till I get my money?

Same as the question above. It depends on the company.

How do I know the referral is legitimate?

First I would check to see if it is a secure website. It is all about the difference between https and http. Never enter bank account or social security info into a website without https in the address. We do our best to check to see if the shares posted are legit but we are not perfect and we don’t guarantee anything. We always say that people should not use a product or service because they found it on they should use to sign up for a product or service that they were planning on using anyway.

 Can I talk to the sharer?

Why do you need to talk to them? This is the whole point of we are making it where people can take advantage of other people’s referral codes and referral links without actually having to talk to them.  I am honestly not the biggest fan of people.  If I can go my whole day without having to actualy speak to another human I am just fine.  That being said I like to save money and wouldn’t mind using someone’s referral link to save some extra bucks when I sign up for a new cable company.  Shatethebonus makes me able to do that.   Don’t ruin a good thing here.  We try to set up all our sharesso that people do not have to talk to eachother.   We don’t want people to have to sign up for anything or go through some long involved stps to get their referral bonus.  I mena personally I am not a fan of American Express’s referral system because we have to link the sharer and user outside the website because American Express makes the referral come through AMEX’s system.  That is just too much contact for my taste but I am willing to do it to geta ton of free money from them. So in summary, we will try to help you connect if something goes wrong but don’t get your hopes up.

How do I know the person will actually share the hiring bonus?

We have yet to actualy here of this happening but this is where the old disclaimer of buyer beware comes in.  We don’t garuntee anything on but lets just look at this rationally.  You use someone’s referral to get you a job. You now work together. Why wouldn’t they split the bonus wth you. Worst case scenario you tell everyone that your coworker is a lying oathbreaker who shouldn’t be trusted.  You still got the job that you would not have had anyway.

What can I do to make more people use my referral link?

Make sure it is a good one.  Look people don’t want to use your referral link that gives them fifty cents when you are making a hundred bucks.  We are all self motivated indivuduals that are looking out for our wn needs so make sure you take that into account when you think about posting one of your referral on outr site.  What does that mean you ask?  If you guys are only getting a dollar it probably isn’t worth your time. Or if the referral gives you (the sharer) $100 and the user only $10 consider sharing your referral bonus with the user.  That is why we are called share the bonus after all.  IF you are willing to give some of your referral bonus to the user we will connect you two and you can pay them via paypal, square, or whatever.

Another technique we have seen is for people to use google adwords to create an ad campaign to their bonus.  This may sound crazy but it actually makes sense.  For literally pennies you can send google users to your referral bonus. Now I would’t use this to get skymiles but I would definitely use it for a bonus that gives me some big cash bonus.  Come to think of it if you convert your skymiles to flights that can add up to some good money.

Can I post a share that gives someone points or tokens?

Sorry we are only looking for things that give people money.  Maybe you could try to convince us if the bonus translates to cash somehow but I doubt it.

Do you guarantee the referrals?

No. Nyet. Nope. Hell no! Look we click on the links and check to see if the website actually exists beyond that it is really up to you.  That being said we also pick to see if the referral is from a reputable company.  If someone is sharing a Visa referral link odds are they are legitimate ) especially if the site has a good security certificate). That is why we do not allow people to load their referral directly like other sites.  We do not want you to have to sort through hundreds of random posts about making free money from home or getting points for the highest level of Zelda.

Do you really need to use an oxford comma?