How Do I make Money Off a Referral Code?


You Don’t Have to Know People to Share with Them

This is the 21st century, besides flying cars and spaceships we have the ability to connect with people around the world to discuss things we are interested in, share pictures, or insult each other on blogs. The problem is none of those things make us any money. Have you ever been sitting around with a friend talking about signing up for a new cell phone plan and your friend says, “Man my phone plan gives me 100 bucks if you use my code! I will split it with you if you go with them.” That is how share the bonus works only you are sharing with somebody you don’t know. Look, why the hell do you need to know the person that is giving you 50 bucks?  You are getting $50! He isn’t paying you, it is the phone company that is handing you the money so who cares? You don’t need to know, trust, or even like the other guy you just need their code to get your 50 bucks.

Make Money Sharing Your Referral Code

On you can search for or post any referral code, coupon link, or whatever to make you and some random person a few extra bucks. It doesn’t have to be just a utility like cable or a gas company either. You can find your gym, your apartment, hell we have even had some people list their jobs (they get paid if they refer someone that gets hired). So go ahead and search for whatever the hell it was you were going to sign up for anyway and see if you can get a few extra bucks out of them before you sign up for some 2 year contract where they are going to bleed you for every penny they can.

Make Money Referring Someone for a Job

Tons of companies offer bonuses to their employees if they find someone for an open position. Look we are not talking about putting your reputation on the line we are just offering you the chance to say “Hey I know this guy who wants to work here can I get the bonus.” Then you and your new best friend can split the cash. That is what and are all about. Connecting people to help them get a little extra cash.

We Believe in Sharing Bonuses Not Spam

One thing we pride ourselves in is only listing referrals that are actually of value to the two parties.  We don’t list shopping codes that require you to spend money in order to earn some weird “points” that may or may not actually end up in you getting anything. We only allow people to list referral codes that actually provide value.  That is why we only allow people to submit their codes through our vetting process. To keep out the crap, span, and infomercials.

You Won’t Get Rich Here

Dave Ramsey always tells people that no one ever got rich off of their credit card miles. He is right! The richest people in America advise to avoid debt if you want to be rich. However, I have a credit card. In fact I have several. I don’t run them up. I pay them off pretty much every month and I wish I had gotten an extra $50 when I signed up with each of them.  I am in the military and move every 2 or 3 years. Each time I have to sign up for new internet service, a new phone company, a new power company, a new water company…….. you get the picture. Imagine if I got $100 from each of these companies every time I moved. It wouldn’t make me rich but it sure would be nice. So use to get you some extra cash when you sign up with these companies. If you don’t want the money just send it to me.

Wanna Share?

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