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$30 Advance Auto Part Discount

Zack is sharing his Advance Auto Parts Referral that gets you $30 off your online purchase of $80 or more. Zack gets a $10 gift card when you use his referral code.

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What we think of the Advance Auto Parts Discount:

I used to go to Advanced a lot until the day I found out that if you need to return something or file a warranty claim you have to go to the exact store you bought the item from. I move a lot and there are like 5 Advanced Auto Part stores within a few miles of every house I live in. I don’t remember which one I went to to buy my battery from 3 years ago. Don’t you have computers? Can’t you look this kind of thing up for me? I tell you one place that can: AutoZone. They don’t have a problem with it. That being said Advance is still a pretty good place and if you are buying something from them online you should definitely use Zack’s referral link as it gets you $30 off. As for the $80 minimum purchase I can see that besides if you buy more than one thing you are probably gonna go over it anyway. Hell if you do the math if you were planning on buying at least $50 worth of items it is worth it to buy basically anything else as you will get $30 off (see how I did that). If you want the fine print for Advance’s discount here it is.