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$50 in travel credit from Airbnb

This referral lets you and the referrer split $50 in travel credit with Airbnb. So before you sign up to book a trip click through our referral link below to randomly connect you with one of our referrers and you both get $25 off your next travel. Just click on the button and it will take you to AirBnB.com and use Josh’s Referral:

AirBnB Referral

What we think about the share:

Airbnb is going to replace pretty much every crappy hotel out there. I used Airbnb to book a room in these people’s house in New Orleans one time.  The room was cool and the location was perfect but it was still kind of weird sharing another person’s house. I mean don’t get me wrong it beats a hotel or motel hands down but I wouldn’t use the service if you are not comfortable in a bed and breakfast. If you think the idea of staying in someone’s house check out our HotelTonight referral or the referrals for free Marriott Rewards points. Ultimately, they are a pretty cool company they even make fun of themselves as you can see in the video below.