About the Referral

6 Months Free of amazon Prime Student

Sujan is hooking students up with her Amazon Prime Student account referral. Use it and you get 6 months free (and she gets $10). It is a good way for you to try out the service without having to worry about a commitment. Amazon says Prime gets you the following:

* Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes
* Borrow Kindle books
* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)

Not too bad of a deal. If you were thinking about signing up for Amazon use Courtney’s referral and decide for yourself if it is worth it. Or just use it to get 2 day shipping on something that you were going to order anyway and then cancel it. Just sign up with the link below.

Amazon Referral Link

What We Think of the Referral:

Amazon Prime Student is a must have for anybody in college these days.  First of all it pays for itself just in the textbook rentals.  Since they have the free 2 day shipping you can wait until the semester starts to actually order the book instead of buying or renting it from somewhere else and then having the professor tell you that you don’t need it.  Well look here professor brilliant. YOU wrote the syllabus so why did YOU not tell us that in the syllabus? How is that difficult. Just say that the textbook is recommended but not mandatory. The only thing worse than that is when the professor pushes his own crappy book on you. I had one professor that basically used our class to proofread his book.  The thing wasn’t even published yet he made us buy a xerox copy of his draft and told us that if we find any mistakes we should inform him of them.  What a crock! Anyway the borrowing Kindle book feature is cool if you read a lot and if you are just a stupid person that never reads the movies are good too.