About the Referral

40,000 Membership Reward Points

This referral gets you 40,000 points when you sign up for an American Express Platinum Card.  The company does give a disclaimer that: “Earn 40,000 points after you spend $3,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months”. You can reach that by just buying your groceries and gas with the card. Like all other AMEX Referrals they make the link come from them so enter you info below and the link will come directly from American Express. Just give me your first name and email address below:

    What we think about the Share

    We used our 40,000 points to get $400 worth of GAP gift cards.  You can also apply those points to your balance but that only works about to be about $280. The $400 can go to other kinds of gift cards as well. They have a whole bunch of restaurants and stores like Pottery Barn on there too. This one is truly worth it! As for keeping the card it is somewhat hard to justify the annual fee but while researching this referral we found the video below and our minds are subsequently blown.  The Points Guy says you can use the $200 Airline credit fee to buy gift cards every year! This is freaking awesome because honestly the card is great but I don’t fly on the same airline every year. As part of the deal you have to choose an airline in advance but who just selects an airline to buy tickets from without price shopping? I chose Delta because I live in Atlanta but honestly I have not flown on them in a few years. If this actually works it is makes this share even better.