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Odds are you are checking out Boost because you are cheap. I mean no one goes to Boost or Cricket unless they listen to Clark Howard. But hell since you are cheap you better get on this share from Jason, he is hooking you up with an extra $25 when you sign up using his referral link. He must be cheap too as he is posting a referral from Boost. Anyway click on the button to check it out:

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If you do not like Boost you can check out some of the other cell phone referrals people have posted for AT&T, T Mobile and Republic Wireless. Now we don’t know if those other companies offer sweet flip phones like Boost but you can try. I wonder if they have any phones with Snake on them. Remember Snake the game you could play on the old Nokias? What ever happened to Nokia anyway? I would pay a few bucks to be able to walk around with my old Nokia phone it was the first cellphone I ever had without a pull out antenna. Anyway if you were planning on signing up for a wireless contract with Boost use Jason’s referral link and get you both an extra $25. If you do would you promise to like us on Facebook. We need friends. If you want to read all Boost’s rules and conditions check them out here.