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$5 From Cardpool

This Cardpool referral is coming from Whitney and she is getting you both $5.  Is you use her referral link below you get $5 off your first purchase at Cardpool. Cardpool is a website that buys unwanted gift cards and resells them for up to 35% of their value.

Cardpool Referral

What We Think of the Share:

This one is in true sharethebonus fashion. A website where you can sell those stupid Red Lobster gift cards that granma gave you for Christmas a few years back.  I mean who eats at Red Lobster?  I will admit I have not been inside of one in about 15 years so maybe they are really good now but MAN they were not back in the day. Cardpool is a great site that allows people like you and me to take arbitrage old gift cards. Did you know a lot of them go bad after a year or two. So before you go wandering into somewhere and using a gift card to buy something you don’t like check them out. This referral is great because you save $5 on an already deeply discounted card. Let me share a little honesty with you right here. A few years back I bought my wife her birthday present from a site like Cardpool. I think it was a gift card to Victoria’s Secret or something like that.  When she used it she came home and asked why the gift card was for such an odd number (it was like $72.46) I think I made up some story about how it had to do with our first date or that I just thought it was funny.  I do not think she believed me but whatever I got a $72.46 gift card for like $40!  Use this referral if you like saving money.