About the Referral

$10 Credit to TheClymb.com

This share is coming from Kelsey and she describes the Clymb as “Like a Groupon with sporting goods and adventure vacations at deeply discounted rates.” Their websites says their mission is to “increase the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants by inspiring human-powered adventure.” What they really do is sell outdoor clothing , equipment and other similar stuff at a discount. Use Kelsey’s referral link and you get an extra $10 of those discounted prices (she gets $10 too).

 TheClymb Referral

What We Think of the Share

Look I love saving money so any referral that gets me cash is worth it.  I think if I were to buy some rock climbing equipment or camping gear I would definitely check out theclymb and getting an extra $10 is even better (although sometimes you can get it cheaper at Amazon’s climbing store here) I just can’t let it go at that though. I have to say something about their mission statement so stop reading if you are just interested in using the discount…… All right, “increase the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants by inspiring human-powered adventure.” What the heck is that? I mean come on don’t you sell clothes and bike stuff? Lets not get too carried away with ourselves. I once talked with a guy that worked at Chick Fil A’s corporate office and he told me how when they interviewed people to become new owner operators some of them would come in with all these lofty goals and thoughts about how they were doing such amazing good.  He would say, “yes you are right we are doing some good but ultimately we are just selling chicken and coleslaw here buddy!” TheClymb’s mission statement doesn’t say anything about selling crap! How you gonna increase the well being of the planet without selling crap? You can’t pay for server maintenance with well being! sharethebonus.com’s mission is to make money by creating an arbitrage opportunity for people to utilize referrals offered by companies.  I.E. We make money by you visiting our site (and hopefuly clicking on an ad or two) and using each other’s referral codes. I hope your being is well but ultimately that is not my concern. Now that that is over go ahead and use Kelsey’s referral.