About the Referral

10% Starbucks Discount

Josh is sharing his Starbucks discount that gets you 10% off if you are a new customer and 5% off if you are a returning customer. Apparently he gets a cut of your order so I am sure he wants you to spend a lot of money in coffee. Just use the link below to go to the Starbucks store and make sure you use the code AFF10 if you are new and AFF5 if you are a returning customer at checkout.

Starbucks Discount

What we think of the starbucks discount link:

I mean it is Starbucks. What do you want me to tell you.  This referral allows you to purchase your overpriced coffee for slightly less overprices.  Now before I rant too much on Starbucks’ overpriced coffee I will say their coffee is better than other people’s and I often get it as opposed to other brands at the grocery store. But that leads me to think who buys their coffee online? I never have but !#$@!$ now if I can get 10% off I might as well. So I will give it a try and let you know what I think. Here is a funny video on why they mess up your name at Starbucks.