About the Referral

DirecTV $100 Referral Bonus

This share is from our latest sharer Dave Mac. It will get you both $100 off on your Direct TV account. Just enter his referral code 64500813 when you sign up on the referral page. Here is the link to the referral page:

DirecTV Referral Link

What We Think About the Direct TV Referral:

Now I will admit that DirecTV has probably the best user interface of all the cable and satellite providers (except maybe for U Verse). If you are interested in the others we also have referrals for AT&T, Xfinity, and Dish. The main problem with Direct TV is that they suck as an internet provider. I mean who wants to pay to have the internet streamed all the way into space when it can come through a wire? The only reason to have Direct TV as your internet provider is because you live out in the middle of nowhere. But we are not telling you to use them or not use them. However, if you were going to sign up with them use Dave’s DirecTV referral code and get you both $100. Hey please share us with your friends after you do. It is the least you could do. Really… the least!