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$50 referral from Discover Card

This share will get you an extra $50 when you sign up for a new Discover Card.  Josh gets $50 whenever anyone uses his link so he was happy to give us his referral link. To get the money you have to apply for your new Discover Card via the referral button below:

 Discover Card Referral Link

What We Think About Discover Card:

As always we are not telling you to use or not use Discover Card BUT if you were planning on using it anyway use this share link and get an extra $50 out of them. If you are a bit more of a high roller you can try Josh’s American Express Platinum Card. For a little less annual fee you can try the Amex Blue Card or if you are Canadian give Jordan’s AMEX AeroPlan Card a try. Trust me they will get their money out of you over time. Look every credit card is basically exactly the same. Some have different interest rates, some have different reward programs, and some let you put your picture on the card. Discover is pretty good because they have a nice cash back system so if you actually pay your balance every month you can make money by using this card. If you ever wondered how they do this it is because they charge the merchant higher fees (that is why some places don’t take Discover).  So I have had a credit card with Discover since about 1996. I remember back in the day not everyone took it. These cards were in the same category as Diners Club cards.  Who the hell has a Diners’ Club card that is younger than 90.  I remember the commercial with the bald guy from Superman in it. He had a crazy accent and always ended the commercial showing his card and smiling.  Where the cards only good for dining? Be careful they are not accepted everywhere as you can see below:

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