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$50 Dish Network Referral Code

This share gets you $50 off of Dish Network Satellite TV. Use one of the referral codes below to get $5 off each month for ten months (that adds up to $50 if you didn’t know). To use the code just follow the referral link button and enter one of the codes in the comments (I recommend Jim’s code, VCD0019088176, that gets you a fee Echo Dot and a bunch of free movies) below all we ask is that you like us on Facebook. If you want to share your code you better like us on Facebook or I will delete your comment.


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 What We Think of the Share:

Dish Network is a great satellite provider if you do not mind losing your signal in a rain storm.  Yes I know that is what every hater says but in a bad storm you do lose your signal.  That being said Dish Network is pretty good. They let you customize the channel settings (something that Comcast doesn’t do) and they have that Hopper thing (whatever the hell that is). If Dish doesn’t tickle your fancy you can also check out our shares for DirecTV or U Verse.