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20% Dorco Discount

Use Josh’s Dorco referral to get yourself 20% your next purchase from Dorco. Just click the link:

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What we think of the Dorco Discount:

I use an electric razor so I am kind of out of running for a review of Dorco’s razors but as a company they are pretty good and any discount for Dorco razors is a good thing. One thing I don’t like is that the link takes you to an intermediate page but whatever it still works. Apparently Dorco is one of the companies that supplies the dollar shave club. My father in law uses them and loves it so they must be pretty good. I think it is funny that on their website they say “The company’s products are designed for you, the shaver”. Who else would they be designed for. That is like Nike saying we designed our shoes for people with feet. Well thanks a lot guys! Anyway, if you are going to get some razors or other shaving accessories from Doro use Josh’s referral and save 20%.