About the Referral

Drivester Referral Program

Josh is sharing his drivester.com referral that gives both of you $50 if you use his referral code via the link below. What is drivester you might ask? According to them, they are “a marketplace that connects car owners to hand picked wholesalers and dealerships through a concierge service. It is the only platform that enables consumers to return and break their car leases without visiting a dealership.” Apparently you can use them to get out of your car lease or try and get a couple of extra bucks when you go to sell your own car. Here is the link:


Drivester Referral


What we think of the referral:

Like everything on share the bonus we are not judging the program but more so the referral bonus.  $50 in amazon credit is pretty good. And anything that helps get people out of a car lease is also really good.  I can’t stand car fleeces. They are basically con games used by dealers to push unending payment programs on people. So if you are looking at getting out of a car lease use Josh’s drivester referral code and get an extra $50 while you do it.


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