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This referral gets you and Jessica each $10 from ErinCondren.com.  Just use the the button below to sign up and you both get $10 towards your next purchase.

Erin Condren

What We Think of The Share:

We really need to get a female staff writer here at sharethebonus.com because I have no idea what the heck this stuff is. Here is how erincondren.com describes her main products, the life planner :

“..a PAPER planner? ….but can’t you just keep track of schedules and to-dos from your phone?”  Yes, some people thought I was nuts when I created the first edition of the Life planner in 2007. I consider myself quite tech savvy, but I still find that I am more organized and prepared when I create handwritten schedules, lists and goals in an old school planner. I also found that the more stylish and personalized the planner, the more likely someone is to carry it with them and use it to simplify busy schedules and better plan for successful living.

The popularity of this Life Planner has grown so much over the years, and I am so proud to say that each year it gets better & better. How will YOU use it? As a nutrition/exercise log? Newborn sleep & peep record? Work meetings & appointments? Academic & social planner? The possibilities are endless, but I do know that if we are able to manage our time better, we ultimately have more time for the people and experiences that are most important.  I like to say, “plan well and party often!””

So there ya go! still not sure people pay so much for a fancy notebook but them again I am a dude so I go nothing. As far as the share goes if you are buying fancy stationary, cards, crafty type items you should use this referral to save $10!

Here is a video about the website: