About the Referral

$25 Towards a Google Helpout

So Josh is sharing his referral code to get you both $25 towards your first Google Helpout. You can use the credit to get one on one consult from an expert in anything from computer coding to yoga. Just use the code below when you sign up for helpouts.



Here is the link to helpouts if you need it. You could also just google it (get it Google it, I mean it is called Google helpouts. Ha!):

Google Helpouts Link

What We Think of the Referral:

Google helpouts are pretty cool we actually used them once at sharethebonus. We were having problems with our code and couldn’t figure it out so we set up a helpout with a programmer (I think he was in Canada) and he took about 6 minutes to find and fix the problem with us.  I will say that you really need a good internet connection to make it worth your while. I mean you are video chatting so if you have a crappy picture it really isn’t worth it.  I think it is hilarious that in the video google made to explain what helpouts are they have people doing things like cooking and yoga. Who the hell is going to set up a video chat so they can go over their yoga moves with someone. We checked and no you can’t get any “adult” assistance though the program but if you are looking for that I am sure there are plenty of sites out there that offered that. Google Helpout rates vary based on the person offering the helpout. For example you can get “modeling” advice (whatever the hell that is) for anywhere from free to $1 a minute or you can get legit therapy from around $150 and hour. The programmers are really pricey so even though they are helpful I am not sure I would have used them unless we had a free $25 session.

Here is Google’s promo video if you were interested: