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Handy House cleaning discount

Josh is sharing his Handy Discount that gets you $50 off your service with from company. Just use the link below and get $50 off you first booking (he gets $25 in credit).

 Handy Discount Link

What we think of the handy discount

When my wife was pregnant I called around to a couple of house cleaning services to see about having them come out and clean the house during the last few months of her pregnancy.  Yes I know, you are thinking “why not just clean it yourself you lazy bum.” But the thing you have to know about my wife is that she wouldn’t accept my cleaning as “sufficient” so I knew I would be better off hiring someone that she might feel as competent.  Anyway, these folks wanted HUNDREDS of dollars to come out and clean just once.  I mean come on HUNDREDS? So needless to say I didn’t go with them. Handy quoted me for about $108 to do the same thing.  Which although that is kind of expensive if you really think about it the value of cleaning a big ass house is there.  $108 for cleaning a four bedroom two bath house is actually really well priced.  Also, you don’t need to go through a 45 minute phone conversation to get the quote.  It takes about 4 minutes. Not sure how good they are but their prices and ease of use are awesome.  They also apparently are good for other homes services like plumbers and electricians in addition to cleaning. If you use the referral please let us know how it goes in the comments.