About the Referral

$25 For HotelTonight

Looking for a hotel? Jas is sharing $25 in credit towards a hotel stay when you sign up and use her referral code. You both get $25 towards a stay! HotelTonight is like Uber in that it has a website but they are really only functional through the app so download the app if you want to actually use it. The code is:




What HotelTonight Says About Themselves:

“We built HotelTonight because we love our smartphones almost as much as we love to travel. We don’t think the big booking websites make great mobile experiences, and we feel the world needs a fresh approach – a reinvention of hotel booking for the mobile era. Mobile is about being on the go and in the moment, which is why we focus on the last-minute space – and we do it better than anyone else in the world. Hand-picked hotels, 10-second 3-tap bookings and amazing deals on rooms that would otherwise go empty. We believe in planning less and living more. And that you should be able to book anywhere, anytime, on your own terms. Give us 10 seconds and we’ll get you a great deal at your soon-to-be favorite hotel.”

What We Have to Say About the Share:

HotelTonight is a legit startup that is trying to get people into a hotel quick and easy for cheap.  How do they do it? Well they probably sign up different hotel chains and get a percentage when you book with them but what the heck do you think every other website or app does? Priceline ain’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts people. The cool thing about HotelTonight (they even list it on their webpages) is that they don’t bog you down with 10,000 rooms to choose from. They give you a list of nearby places that they would like to stay (and that give them money). In a world where you are bombarded with thousands of basically bad choices and have to sift through a bunch of junk that is refreshing. Honestly that is why sharethebonus doesn’t have a bunch of crap on our main page we have the search bar and the drop down list. You search for whatever you are looking for and we wither have it or we don’t. If we don’t you move on without wasting your time. Anyways back to the HotelTonight referral. Use it if you are planning on using HotelTonight!