About the Referral

Split $10,0000 from HubSpot

Have you ever wanted to work at HubSpot? Not me. Not because I don’t like them but because I am not a software developer and really don’t know anything about them. That being said we would be happy to refer you and split the $10,000 signing bonus I get with you. HubSpot is looking for developers and is willing to give a $10,000 signing bonus for a person who recommends someone that they eventually hire. So submit your information below and we will refer you and split the signing bonus we get 50/50. That is $5,000 for us both.

What HupSpot Says About the Job:

Why do developers love HubSpot?

Because we maintain a company culture that fosters autonomy and transparency. Take a peek inside our company culture. Because we ship our code daily. Because we keep meetings to a minimum, and we work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives, all over the world, all with the support and camaraderie of a small, dedicated team.

Specifically, we’re looking developers who:

  • Love Autonomy: Our one overriding rule is “use good judgment.” So we’re looking for people who like to push their own projects forward, like to make their own vacation schedules, and want to contribute to our vision, mission, and goals.
  • Love Shipping Code: The pace we maintain on the product team is incredibly high. We deploy code more than 100 times every day, and that’s just on an average day.
  • Love Big Projects: Our team is fully empowered to solve for the needs of our customers, so you don’t have to wade through red tape or permission slips to get things done. We just figure out what’s the right thing to do, and then we do it.

HubSpot’s Rules:

  • Please don’t refer yourself.
  • The person you are referring must actually know you when we contact them. No one likes uncomfortable moments with strangers.
  • This applies to Engineering (Developer) positions only. Oh, and did we mention, that they need to be *awesome*?
  • The fine print is that we will pay you 120 days after the person has held a full time Engineering position with us and they are doing awesome.
  • Make your referral before December 31, 2014.
  • You must be the first person to refer the candidate from any source. By submitting the form below, we will record the date and time of submission along with the candidate’s name.
  • Our decision on who submitted first will be final but because we get lots of referrals, we can’t tell you if you are first until we actually contact/hire the person.
  • Unlike diamonds, your referral doesn’t last forever. If we can’t meet with the referral within thirty days or we don’t hire them within six months after you submit their name, no bonus will be paid.

Submit Your Info Below:

Fill out the form below and Josh will recommend you. Expect an email or LinkedIn request from HubSpot shortly after.

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