About the Referral

$20 Free Valet services on Luxe Valet!

Cade is sharing his referral that gets you $20 worth of credit with the LuxeValet app. That equates to a full day of free valet services. Just follow the link button below and use the code “CADE” to sign up and you both get $20:

 LuxValet Referral

What We think of the Luxe Valet referral:

This $@%#$% is crazy. When Cade submitted this referral we had to check it out. So you use this app to basicaly call you own personal valet. WHEREVER YOU GO. I mean you can get a valet to park AND WASH you car when you are getting a $12 bad haircut at Mastercuts. You can get a valet to park AND CLEAN your car for you while you stop at the 7-11 for a big gulp. They will even return your car to somewhere esle, like if you need to go and buy some lottery tickets down the street and don’t want to walk back to the 7-11. I mean that is fereaking awesome. Thank God for the 21st century. We may not have flying cars but this stuff is pretty cool. The even crazier thing is that they are not that expensive.  They only operate in San Francisco right now but if you have been there (or any other big city) you know that parkling is rediculous and $15 is nothing. If you are going to dirrer and a conert or something you can spen twice that easy. In fact thinkiong of that if you are takign a date out for dinner and a concert what better way to impress the ladies than to have you own personal valet show up and take the keys then bring the car back.  When you look like I do you have to try and impress them any way you can. So $20 (which is basically an entire day of free valet) is an a