About the Referral

Lyft Referral Bonus

This share is from Joe and is good for $25 worth of travel in a Lyft ride share vehicle.  To get the $25 enter the “referral code into the Payment tab before completing” your first Lyft . 


What we Think of the Referral:

If you haven’t heard of Lyft I would also like to tell you about this crazy thing called the internet. Come to think of it how the hell did you find our about sharethebonus.com? Anyway, Uber and Lyft are like  fancy taxi services where you don’t have to have any cash or credit card with you to pick up the taxi cab. It is worth it because you don’t have to drive drunk. We used one of these apps the other night and the guy who picked us up was very nice.  His car was clean and much better than a cab.  The other nice thing is that since I was wasted I would had no idea how to pay in cash or even sign my name but the app did everything for me. Uber is drunk proof. Don’t like Lyft? We have referrals for their competitor Uber here. Hell, use them both! Here is the page from Lyft that explains the process in case you wanted to know how to find a taxi with your cellphone but honestly if you are using Lyft I think you can figure it out:

Lyft Referral Instructions