About the Referral

get an extra 50 Moe’s Rocking Reward points

Use Josh’s referral to collect an extra 50 points when you sign up for moe’s Rocking Rewards club.  That is basically an extra 50 cents for using his code. You download the app from the Apple or Android store.  Just remember to have his Moe’s code ready when you install the app.  Here is the code:


What we think of the Moe’s Discount:

Well first off it isn’t really a discount. At least not a first.  You use the Moes app to track how many time you have purchased items at Moe’s. Then over time they give you store credit when you spend a certain amount.  From doing the math you get $10 for every $100 you spend at moe’s. So it is basically a 10% Moe’s Burrito discount. Not too bad if you eat there a lot and want to go to the trouble of downloading the app and using it every time.  When I was in school they had Moe’s Monday where you could get a $5 homewrecker so I basically ate there every Monday.  So with my school Moe’s eating pattern it would have taken me 20 weeks to get the $10 butthen it would have covered me for two weeks of burritos.  I will take it I guess.  The other nice thing about the Rocking  Rewards app is that it gives you free stuff every now and then. Like a free burrito on your birthday.  Once again if you are just an casual Moe’s customer probably not worth it but if you are like me and eat their fairly regular it is worth the minor hassle. So download the app and use Josh’s referral to get you the equivalent to a 10% Moe’s discount coupon.