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$25 in Orbitz Credit

This referral is coming from Josh and gets you both $25 in Orbitz credit towards your first hotel stay.

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 What We Think of The Share:

I have never personally used Orbitz so I can’t speak to how good of a company they are. Obviously they are pretty big and everyone has heard of them so I doubt they are out stealing money from people. So as with everything else we do we say don’t use Orbitz because of this referral use this referral because you were planning on book through Orbitz. On an aside there are some interesting negative impacts of these guys on local economies. As you can read in this article companies like Orbitz and Priceline get their rooms by booking blocks of them at discounted rates then selling them at a premium.  Sounds great for us travelers but the local municipalities get less income tax because the hotels technically rent the rooms at lower rates than the rooms actually go. Now we all know that the government is going to get their money in the end but this is a neat aspect.