About the Referral

Plastc Referral

Josh is sharing his Plastc referral with everyone.  It gets you $20 off a new plastic card and him a $20 gift card. Just use the link below:

 Plastc Referral Link


What we think of the referral:

THIS THING IS CRAZY! Have you seen it you can use all your cards in one. Hell is that even legal? If it is it is awesome.  I have always been trying to find a way to reduce the size of my wallet. $20 off a $155 card is pretty good. Honestly it is the best discount for the Plastic Card I have seen and really one of the better discount codes out there. The one catch is that this thing seems to still be in pre-order status. Sometimes stuff sits in a“pre-order” for a long time. But this thing looks awsome.  They have pictures of it where it can even be used as an ID pass to get into parts of the building and stuff like that. It is a bit pricey for me but if you want one use Josh’s referral and get $20 off.