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$5 from Raise.com

Josh is sharing his referral that gets you both $5 from Raise.com. Here is what he has to say about it: Raise is a gift card reselling site that allows users to either 1) sell unwanted gift cards, or 2) buy gift cards at an often discounted rate. Sign up with this code for a $5 bonus toward your first gift card purchase. Happy shopping!

 Raise Referral

What we think about the raise referral

Raise.com is another one of the several great sites out there that let you buy and sell your old and unused gift cards. If you are interested in another one check out Whitney’s referral for cardpool here. These sites are a good way to eek an extra 3-4% out of the big box retailers and national restaurant chains. The only problem is, and I wouldn’t really call it a big problem, arbitrage has pretty much limited the savings you are gonna get on these sites to about less than 10%. Now I will say that I found a few above 10% ones on there but they were pretty few and far between and they were usually for large dollar amount cards or for ones from random small chains. The fact is, sometimes I just don’t want to have to carry around a $500 Home Depot gift card. On the other side of the transaction you can sell your card and get about 93ish% of the value of the card. A good deal if you weren’t going to use it anyway. I am pretty sure the raise.com referral works if you are going or sell or buy.