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$15 off at Rite Aid

This share is from Josh. It isnt the greatest because you have to spend $75 to get it but it does get you a discount when you buy things from the drugstore chain Rite Aid. Josh gets 4% on anything you buy.

 $15 off $75 or More

What we think about this share:

I  am not so big on Rite Aid.  I bought some brand name supplements there one time and they were all rumbly. In Rite Aid’s defense when I took them back they gave me store credit even though I opened the package and used some of the pills. The big problem with the chain is that they are not that widespread so like all of our referral codes and discount codes listed on sharethebonus this one only does you any good if you already shop for medicine and stuff at Rite Aid. If you do, use Josh’s referral link and get a Rite Aid Discount of $15 off if you don’t and don’t plan on shopping there do not let this one push you over the on your decision.

How about 2% Back on Your Purchase

This is a new idea we are trying. To this one you must log in here at sharethebonus so we know your email and then when we the receive the 4% commission we will split it with you. Make sure you connect with us via LinkedIn or Facebook in the footer below. BIG DISCLAIMER. Do not buy anything that you were not intending to buy anyway. This is a new thing for us so we are making no garuntee that it will work.  If everything goes right and we get a check we will split it with you.  If it doesn’t work oh well sorry you are out of luck.