About the Referral

Free Trades from Scottrade

Ye olde squiremarucs is sharing his Scottrade referral that gets you both 3 free trades when you sign up for a new account and use his referral code below. With each trade costing $7 a pop that is $21 in value (see that math we did there).  For all the rules on the referral just check out the link below and when you want to sign up use Marcus’s referral code :


What We Think of The Referral:

I am not much of a stock picker. After losing $100 in Webvan back in the day I called it quits. A lot of data shows that even fund managers have trouble beating the market. But with Scottrade I am pretty sure you can buy and sell index funds and spiders so I don’t see anything wrong with having an account there. After you make your millions you can keep it in your Capital One 360 account that you opened with another sharethebonus referral. If you want more info about the referral check out Scottrades’s age about it here.