About the Referral

Get $100 After 10 Rides!

Harry is sharing his Sidecar referral that gets you both $100 once you make 10 rides with Sidecar. Ever think about driving for Lyft or Uber well add Sidecar to your list. You can make up to $35 and can even earn commission free rides for passengers you refer.  Uber and Lyft don’t offer that! So if you were thinking about making some extra cash and driving for a living check out Sidecar and use Harry’s referral to get an extra $100.

Sidecar Referral Link

What do We Think about the Referral?

Don’t know what the hell Sidecar is? I didn’t either until I googled them and found out they are just another rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.  I say “just another” in the way that I mean they are an awesome use of resources and basically what the first part of the 21st century is all about.  Leveraging arbitrage to make everyone’s lives better.  If you are just interested in riding in one of these services check out our Uber or Lyft referrals. But if you are interested in making some extra cash you should use Harry’s referral.  As to if it is legitimate; the man has his own blog about rideshareing so I think he is probably legitimate (and I thought we were bad for having a website about sharing referrals).  Hell if he isn’t who is.  Besides the fact we are not saying you should drive for Sidecar just because you can get an extra $100. Drive for Sidecar because you want to make $35 an hour just driving around and use Harry’s referral to get an extra 100 bucks when you do it.