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$50 for a Skully Helmet

This share only lasts until September 9th but it is a good one if you were intending on buying a Skully helmet.  I am not a motorcycle man myself as I don’t want to die but they look cool.  Maybe if they made a bubble helmet that would make a big bubble around you if you crash then I would get a motorcycle.  Anyway here is the share from Dave:

First 5 confirmed referrals at the end of the campaign (September 09, 2014… once confirmed by Skully and/or Indiegogo if at least 5 referrals are completed) will receive $50 from me, and you will be eligible to compete for your own free Skully helmet with the referral program! Please contact me at https://www.indiegogo.com/individuals/8465808/ using the CONTACT ME button immediately after your purchase of a full price helmet to ensure your referral is logged!”


Dave's $50 Referral

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