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Split $200 From Solar City

Solar City offers $200 in for a referral if someone installs a system on their property. Josh will split the referral with anyone. If you are thinking about getting some solar panels have Josh refer you and you will chock up an extra $100. It is like getting a discount from Solar City right off the bat.  Just fill out the info down at the bottom of the page and he will refer you:

What we think of the solar city referral:

This is a pretty good referral that gets allows you to start making money off your solar panels right away. The big question is do you want to actually do this. Lets take a look at the inputs into the equation. There are 4 important factors:

How much the panels cost?

This is probably the most variable of all the parameters. Costs can vary based on if you buy your panels outright, lease them, or if you finance them.Take for example Solar City, one of the largest Solar Panel providers in the country. They offer all three options and each will cost you a different amount. Buying it outright is obviously the best way to do it but not all of us have $30 grand laying around. out of the other two options financing is probably the best route. You are able to financing at about 4.5% interest rate and you still get the federal tax credit. With leasing you really don’t ever actually own the panels you just get access to the electricity at a lower rate than paying the power company. A plus for your wallet and the environment but honestly it just comes across as creepy to me. the thought of having things attached to my house tha technically do not own doesn’t strike well with me.

How much energy they make?

This input varies almost as much as the cost but is easier to determine. The national Renewable Energy lab has some pretty good solar maps that can tell you if you live anywhere where it is worth installing panels (sorry Wisconsin). Just because your area isn’t in one of the peak solar areas doesn’t mean you have to give up there. Germany produces 5 times the amount of solar power as the U.S. but has the comparable solar energy availability of Alaska (you know the place that was nights that last for months). What it does mean is that you will be making the choice based on your principles not on your wallet.

How much does your electricity Cost?

People often  just focus on what they can get for their electricity but they forget that every kilowatt they get from their panels they are not paying for. Usually there’s a disparity between what you pay for electricity and what the power company pays you for it (that is called economics) so you want to offset as much of you power consumption as possible. If you are lucky enough to have more power available you start selling it back to the grid.

How much the power company pays for the electricity?

I have seen people claim to make $.80 per kilowatt hour. A guy in New Jersey claims to make $3,000 on top of eliminating his electric bill. all of the claims are nice but I like to see a real number in writing from someone who is actually writing the check. Dsireusa.org is perhahps the best site to go to in oder to find exactly hoe much you will make in rebates as well a cash payments from the utilitiy comapany. For example, the city of Palo Alto pays $0.165 per kilowatt hour (a lot less that $.80). so be careful and make sure you price the actual amount that you will be paid in your area instead of the wild claims of others.

So what does this all mean? Many companies claim a 6-8 year payback on investment which is not that bad considering every year after that is pure profit. If you are thinking about installing solar make sure you use one of our referrals

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