About the Referral

Free Month of Spotify Premium

Kevin is sharing his Spotify referral link with everyone to get both of you a free month of Spotify Premium. That is worth $10 to both of you. So if you are interested in trying Spotify’s music streaming service just follow the button below to take advantage of Kevin’s referral:

Free Month of Spotify

What We Think of the Spotify Referral:

Spotify, like Pandora, is a music streaming service that promises that you will be able to jam for hours to your favorite music.  Spotify comes at a hefty price though, freaking $10 a month! (Pandora is $5) I guess that makes this referral a pretty good one. If you were wondering about other comparisons I think there are 2 important ones. 1. With Spotify you can endlessly skip songs and 2. you can select the exact song you want to hear. That is a big deal when you have used up all your skips on Pandora and are stuck listening to some sucky song.  A minor difference I thought I would note since I have kids is that Spotify does not have any parental controls. Trying to keep my kids from hearing #$%!@% and watching commercials about erectile difficulty takes up an undesirable portion of my life so not having a way to filter explicit content is kind of a drag for me.  Anyway I just wanted to let you compare the two but as always we don’t want you to pick a service because of what you saw on sharethebonus.com we want you to use sharethebonus.com to find a referral for something you were already going to sign up for.