About the Referral

Split $500 from Sunrun

Jon is willing to split a $500 Sunrun referral bonus with you is you use his link to sign up.  That is basically a $250 Sunrun discount. From what he says about it sounds a lot like the Solar City referral we have on sharethebonus (except Jon is offering a bigger bonus). Here is the Sunrun link:

 SunRun Referral Link

Here is what Jon says about the Sunrun Referral:

Sunrun offers a referral promotion every quarter. The reward comes in the form of a Visa prepaid card. It’s a $500 reward. I will split that with whomever uses the link and becomes a customer. I’m an employee of Sunrun. Sunrun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States with a mission to create a planet run by the sun. Since establishing the solar as a service model in 2007, Sunrun continues to lead the industry in providing clean energy to homeowners with little to no upfront cost and at a savings to traditional electricity. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains the solar panels on a homeowner’s roof, while families receive predictable pricing for 20 years or more.

Here is a funny video about Sunrun (because I like funny videos):