About the Referral

T Mobile Referral Bonus

David is hooking us up with an awesome referral bonus. T-Mobile is offering some ridiculous stuff if you use his referral information. Here is what they told us you would get with the deal when we called them:


$650 to pay off your early termination fees

It took being transferred through 3 people at T-Mobile to learn how you use the referral. We did that so you don’t have to do it. To take advantage of David’s share you both have to enter your info in the referral site within 30 days of activation. So, if you are interested in taking advantage of this awesome bonus enter your info below then we will send you David’s info and we will have David put your info in the T-Mobile referral site.

    A little more about the T Mobile Deal:

    So far we have been unimpressed with T Mobile’s deal. First of all they changed it a while back and took away the unlimited data. What is up with that? Second of all from what we hear the $25 is in the form of a “T-Mobile Promotional Card” not real money. It is supposed to be used at a T Mobile store and I don’t even know where a T-Mobile store is. That being said you can use it towards your bill which is like real money because you do not have to spend your $25 on your bill.  Second of all they are not the fastest on the uptick. It takes FOREVER to get your $25. Of course AT&T has the same thing (check out a referral for them here) and it takes them even longer.  Last check was 3 months of waiting for a referral to be “processed”. As with everything we aren’t telling you to use T-Mobile we just want you to get a little extra cash when you sign up with them. If you are looking for all the fine print details just check out T Mobile’s cell phone plan referral rules page.