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$.50 Extra For Each Shirt Sold

If you are thinking about running a Teespring Campaign you should use this referral. This one provides the user and sharee both $.50 extra for each shirt sold up to $2500 bucks.  In other words you make an extra buck off every 2 shirts you sell in your campaign. It is a great example of sharethebonus.com’s power to get a little extra out of the man.   We are not asking you to use Teespring (we never had though they seem nice) we are just asking that if you use them then use the Teespring referral below to get you an extra $.50 on each shirt you sell.

 Teespring Referral

What do we think of the teespring referral:

Is this good enough to be in the awesome category? Probably not I mean it is only fifty cents BUT if you came up to me and offered me fifty cents extra for every thing that I did today I would be happy about it.  I mean let’s say you sell a shirt on teespring for $20.  You make about $10 off each shirt which is pretty good. An extra $.50 is a 5% increase in profit.  That is pretty good now that I think about it. Maybe not awesome, but pretty good.  I like pretty good. Here is how Teespring describes themselves:

Teespring allows you to create & sell custom apparel with ZEROHassle, ZERO upfront costs, and ZERO risk. Teespring is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online. You design a product and sell it. The sales money pays for the production of your design and we ship it to all of your buyers. When you use Teespring you don’t have to pay a dollar upfront, guess how many shirts you’ll need, or have to chase anyone down for cash. It only takes a couple of minutes to launch a campaign and start selling awesome merchandise on Teespring.

Seems pretty simple. I actually went on and gave it a try one time but I have the creativity of a rock so I had zero success. Fortunately, they are true to their” ZERO upfront cost” statement. I designed a shirt promoted it and tried to sell it with absolutely no success but it cost me nothing. I like that. Benny over at thehustle.co has an article describing how he made $100,000 in less than 6 months with his Teespring Campaign.  That seems a bit like a outlier to me but you never know. Use Jessica’s referral links and you will at least make an extra bit of cash off each one you sell. If you can sell any…. unlike me.

 Teespring Referral

Want to know what Teespring is?  Check out this video: