About the Referral

 $10 from ThredUp

 Laura is sharing her referral for ThredUp. as she says, “ThredUp is a secondhand clothing site. Like-new brand-name clothes without breaking the bank. You get $10, I get $10, everybody wins!” If you want to use Laura’s referral just click on the link below:

ThredUp Referral Link

What we think about the thredUp referral:

Thredup is one of many second hand clothes sellers out there. People have shared referrals for online retailers like Vinted and Liketwice here on sharethebonus and in general they are all a pretty good deal. Each one offers you the chance to buy and sell clothes that you don’t need anymore. We are all about arbitrage for the little people (we almost went with that for our slogan) and this truly is that. These clothes re-sellers allow people like you and me to reach a much larger market than the local Plato’s Closet or whatever the name of your closest used clothes store is. One disadvantage that these guys have as opposed to you brick and mortar consignment store is that you can’t come back and get the clothes if they do not sell.  My wife takes our kids old clothes and toys to the consignment shop quite often and pretty much every time some of it does not sell.  They offer to hold it for a day if we want to come back and pick it up. ThreadUp doesn’t offer any kind of deal. They donate what they do not used to charity (which is probably what you were going to do anyway). Another is that they charge high fees. Up to 90% the sale value if you have an item from a particular clothing line.

One the bright side one of the things that separates Thredup from some of the other competition is they have a “clothing calculator” that helps you determine how much money you might earn from the clothes you send them.  This is a nice touch as it can give you a little more realistic idea of determining if you want to send off your clothes or just keep them. They also have an annual resale report that is pretty comprehensive. I think that this shows the company has staying power and shines some light onto how big of a market you clothes are going to reach. Because ultimately the more viewers of you old jeans the better your odds of selling them. So if you want to get an extra $10 when you buy something from ThreadUp just follow the link.