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$25 From Ting

David is sharing his Ting referral with everyone. Sign up using his link button below and you both get $25!

Ting Referral

What We Think of the Referral

Honestly, I never heard of Ting Mobile before David listed his Ting referral code on the site but now that I checked it out they seem like a pretty good cellular phone service.  I do think it is funny that if you google “Ting review” you will get a bunch of review videos on youtube that all just happen to share a “secret discount code”. These folks are giving you their referral link just like David did EXCEPT we are not being sneaky about it here on shrethebonus.com. That is what separates us from the heard. we are not as desperate as all those guys listing their referrals on random forum pages but we are not as shady as guys offering fake reviews to share their own link with you. If you don’t think Ting is quite up your alley we have some referrals from more commonly known carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Boost, and Republic Wireless. Check them out if you like. Below is a pretty good video from Ting showing what they believe their differentiator to be i.e. good customer service.