About the Referral

$20 from Toms

This referral comes from Jessica and gets you both $20 from Toms.

Tom’s Referral

What we think about the referral:

This one seems great but there are some added stipulations that make it not usable for a lot of people. First off you have to be a new customer. While that may not eliminate a lot of people if you are searching for Tom’s shoes here on sharethebonus you are probably already  a customer. If you just came across it randomly you may be new though and this one would work for you.  The second but more important reason why this share is not that great is you HAVE TO SPEND $200! What is up with that? Do people actually do that? I don’t think I have ever spent $200 online on clothes.  I mean I have bought electronics online for more than that but clothes. Hell I am not sure I spent more than $200 in a single instance for clothes in the real world but then again I am a cheap man. Which probably mean I won’t be buying too many shoes from Toms.  They are a good company though. So if you are planning on making a major purchase from Toms use Jessica’s referral