About the Referral

This referral is a true sharethebonus share. Uncommon Schools is offering $500 or $1000 bonus for referring someone who gets hired. So here is how this one goes down. If you are thinking about going to work at uncommon schools or even thinking about applying let me know using the form below. Then we will refer you through Uncommon Schools referral page. We will then SPLIT the referral bonus with you 50/50. So if your position is eligible for the $1000 bonus you get $500 bucks. If you are eligible for the $500 bonus you get $250. This is arbitrage in its finest. Uncommon Schools was going to give this money away and they are looking for good talent. You are good talent and I want to recommend you.

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Remember Uncommon Schools’ website says “In order to receive the hiring bonus, the applicant must list your full name in the “referred by” box on our application.” So after I refer you you will have to remember to us my name (Joshua Wine) in the application. Here is the link to the schools page describing the program. check it out and lets get us a couple extra bucks along with your new job.


Uncommon Schools Job Page