About the Referral

$25 for New Verizon Wireless Customers

This share is coming from Charlie. He wants you both to get in on the refer a friend deal from Verizon.  From the looks of this program you can even use Charlie’s Verizon referral if you are already a Verizon customer (although we are pretty sure you have to have just signed up recently). This sounds a bit crazy but we called Verizon and apparently it works like this. After you get your new Verizon cellphone and phone number Charlie enters your details into his referral account. As long as you stay with Verizon for 31 days you both get a $25 gift card. To get the cash you need to enter your information below. Make sure it is the same name and number that Verizon has or it wont work.


    What We Think of the Share:

    The intent of the program is for you to sign up for Verizon wireless because Charlie told you to. Well as we do with everything else on sharethebonus.com we are not telling you to use Verizon. Hell, we don’t even use them (we are AT&T people). But, they seem like a pretty good cellphone company so if you are planning on signing up with them why not post your info above and get an extra $25 out of it! Honestly this one sounds almost too good to be true but as we said we called Verizon and the person on the phone said that is how it works. Now of course we all know how great customer service people are at any company so who knows. The point is that it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a try so why not? If you don’t like Verizon we have referrals for AT&T, Boost, T-Mobile (although theirs is crazy complicated), and Republic Wireless. If you want more info about the program here is the link to the Verizon page about it.