About the Referral

$25 from Virgin Mobile

Amber is sharing $25 with anybody who wants to sign up for Virgin Mobile using her referral link. If you were going to sign up for Virgin Mobile service you might as well use the link below and get an extra $25 when you do it.

Virgin Referral Link

What we Think of the Virgin Mobile Referral:

Virgin Mobile is one of the numerous low cost carriers out there. I won’t recreate the wheel here and give you a long drawn out review of the company.  If you want a good overview of the service (that isn’t just customers complaining) check out this site. As for the referral itself you might as well get the cash. Think of it not as a Virgin Mobile referral but more like a Virgin Mobile discount of $2 a month for a year. If you are still deciding on which carrier to go with remember we have referrals for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Boost that will get you a various amount of cash back from each company.

Here is the fine print from Virgin:

“Unlock your Virgin Mobile Refer a Friend offer with your email address (this will also be your user ID) and accept the program Terms & Conditions. You have 90 days from when you receive your referral to unlock your offer and activate a new Virgin Mobile plan or the referral will expire. Each referee must activate a new Virgin Mobile Monthly Plan or payLo Monthly Plan. Once you unlock your offer and register for the Virgin Mobile Refer a Friend program, you have 30 days to activate a qualifying service and pay your first bill in order to be eligible to receive your credit. Come back the Virgin Mobile Refer a friend Program and tell us your new Virgin Mobile phone number within 30 days of activating your Virgin Mobile plan. This is so we can verify your new Virgin Mobile account and apply the account credit. You cannot refer yourself. Please allow up to 4 weeks after your referral is approved for the account credit to be applied.”