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10% woolovers discount

Jessica is offering her referral that gets you 10% off your purchase from woolovers.com. You get a 10% woolovers discount and she gets 5% from them. You both make out.

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What we think of the woolover referral:

So my first thought on woolovers was “is it wool overs or woo lovers”? I don’t know anybody who loves woo (or what woo is) so I imagine they sell a bunch of stuff made out of wool. Then I checked the website’s about us section and it is indeed wool overs. Basically a bunch of stuff made out of wool that you can pull over your head. They do have silk stuff too but they are all still confined to the pull over your head category. I researched quality and price reviews on the site and they come in pretty high in both. Perhaps the biggest asset they have in their corner is a 3 month return policy. If you don’t like what you get you have up to 3 months to send it back. That is pretty good. . The one downfall it seems that Jessica’s referral only works on your first woolover’s purchase.