About the Referral

$25 from Zipcar!

Jas is letting everyone who joins Zipcar through this her referral link get $25 credit in free driving. That works out to 4 months of membership fees free. Just use this link:

ZipCar Referral Link

What We Think of The Referral:

Man I live in the middle of suburbia I gots to have me a car. However if you live in a city or have some kind of situation where you don’t need a car all the time why the hell wouldn’t you use something like zipcar? I mean it is like sharing a car with a million people and more importantly sharing the cost of the car with a million people. And even better you don’t care if someone steals it scratches the paint or whatever (as long as you are not the one currently using it). They also have vans and trucks for people to rent if you periodically have to move stuff around but drive a car as your main means of locomotion. You can sign up for Zipcar and use their fleet to move the stuff that you have to haul around town.

Still don’t Understand Zipcar? This video should explain it: